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Our History

History of the School- Stepping Stone

It all began in a hut which was once the Club House of Pahamsyiem village here in Nongpoh. The school had 8 (eight) students enrolled when it was started in March 1982. Few months later, the very same year, more students poured in, and the enrollment rose to 28 (twenty-eight). It was an encouraging sign. Months later, the school shifted yards away to the rented establishments belonging to the co-operative society which we rented for a couple of years. Till finally by God's grace, the school could own a plot of land in 1987. Kutchha classrooms were constructed on the school plot using the meager fund we had which was purely school fees collection from students. I remember vividly, how we had to declare a holiday on some occasions only because the roof was blown away by the wind during heavy rains and thunderstorms. Yet, through the storms and strives, Alpha is now standing strong like a tree deeply rooted in the soil. It stood firm and continued to through 25 long years.

It was a Kindergarten school till 1986 and was gradually upgraded to the Primary Level in 1995 whereafter it proceeded year by year. And by the year 1999, the school earned the status of a secondary school. Bit-by-bit, brick-by-brick and year-by-year we built one or two classrooms to accommodate the growing number of children. The first SSLC batch passed out successfully with an 87.5 percentage in the year 2000.

Our greatest thankfulness goes to the Founder and the Forerunners, our Pioneers whose insight and vision, hard labour and struggle along with selfless dedication have brought us this far. Pioneers, we thank and honour you! You have left an indelible mark and your names shall never be forgotten for as long as Alpha remains

In trying to give our children the best, we introduced the Computer Education Programme in 1999 under a contract signed with the firm Mega us Computer Systems, Shillong. We can't overlook the part played by the NEC through which computer sets were given to the school which were a great deal of help in the process of imparting learning and skills in the subject. Then in 2004, 12 computer sets were purchased and added into the computer laboratory. Through the SRWP scheme the computer laboratory has been developed and furnished. Thanks to the Umling C&RD Block.

The Management Committee then took a big yet humble step and in 2004 opened Class XI & XII (Science) where 10 (ten) aspiring students were enrolled. To follow, Arts & Commerce Streams were started in 2006 and 2009 repectively to cater more to the needs and aspirations of the students in the area.

The Managing Committee members never stop working. Every passing day, the committee is all eyes and ears for finding ways and means, new trends in education, latest development plans for taking the school to new heights. We just can't stop, but must develop and sustain.

The school couldn't have come this far had it not been for the relentless cooperation and dedication of the parents who are undoubtedly the strong pillars of its support. Parents, we are grateful and we salute you!

Completing 25 years of service through Education does not mean that we have achieved every goal. We lack many facilities, some of which are beyond our reach. We are yet to become as good as the best schools in the state and the country. This is not the end of the road. For we have dreams to follow and miles to go. And we have this dream that in the near future, we shall be able to upgrade the school to the degree level in both Science and Arts streams. Maybe, one day, we shall have the first university in Ri-Bhoi District standing right before us. The struggle and hard work will never end, but as long as we know that what we are doing now will bring growth, development and comfort to those in the future, I say with pleasure, it is all worth the pain. May the young ones of today become the leaders of tomorrow who would take the school to endless heights.

And to sum it up, try as we might nothing can be achieved without the guidance, wisdom and power of the Almighty who is the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end.

"Sow an act, and you reap a habit,

Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character, and you reap a destiny."

~~Abigail Van Buren