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Rules And Regulations

Eligibility for Internal and External Examinations

  • Punctuality - Students must be punctual and regular in attending classes.
  • An application of absence signed by the parent / guardian must be duly submitted to the Vice Principal through the Class Teacher.
  • In case of prolonged absence due to sickness, a medical certificate must be duly furnished to the Principal / Vice Principal at the time of re-joining classes.
  • Students must attend classes, lectures, seminars and practical classes as prescribed by the school etc.
  • Students must have a pleasant and positive attitude towards school activities.
  • Students may use the Library only during free periods / school hours.


A student will be fined for the following:

  • Purposely damaging / destroying school property.
  • Unexcused absence or prolonged absence without prior notification and permission.
  • Intentionally staying away from school during school functions or any related programmes.
  • Absence on the Re-opening Day of the school after long holiday breaks.
  • Not attending classes.
  • Misbehaviour and use of profane language.
  • Indulging in bad habits.
  • Incomplete Uniform.
  • Incomplete Assignments.